Best of Bumble and bumble.

We are loving our Bb product wall, here at HGSB. It adds a ton of color and over all prettiness to our space. Bumble and bumble is a dream product line for all clients. It’s super user friendly, has an extensive list of products for every single hair type and obviously smells like heaven.

Here are a couple of our fav’s.


Cityswept Finish: Looking for a product that’ll make you look as though you’ve been traipsing around SF shopping all day? Cityswept is that product… it adds volume and creates a tamed messy look.

Brilliantine: A small product that packs a big punch, is how we like to describe Bb’s Brilliantine. Adding a touch of this product to the ends of your hair will bring out a gorgeous shine and create a piecey look. If you need a good product to calm down those annoying fly aways¬†Brilliantine will also be your go to.

Grooming Creme: This creme will keep your curls in place, all while keeping the frizz factor to a bare minimum. The Grooming Creme is also a great soft hold product for the ladies and gents with shorter do’s.

Gentle Shampoo: Everyone’s all time fav shampoo, Bumble’s Gentle shampoo is the complete opposite of heavy. It is perfect for all hair types and will keep your hair feeling light and bouncy after a wash. It’ll totally turn into your go to shampoo.

Semi Sumo: *Attention people with short hair* This is the pomade for you. Semi Sumo has a super light hold, but is guaranteed to keep your locks in place.

Call us to make an appointment for a service in our salon, or come on down and check out all of the Bumble and bumble products for yourself.


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